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Daosheen Audio Triggers

Individual AE's

AE name Gem Color TRIGGER TEXT
("Pattern" box in audio trigger window)
.WAV file stating color
Plague of Mana green Your blood is tainted with magical essence green.wav
Presence of the Firstborn  red You are dumbstruck by the presence of the firstborn red.wav
Curse of the Firstborn yellow A festering darkness saps your strength yellow.wav
Smothering Dismay blue You lose your will to fight blue.wav


1) Log Completely out of everquest. You need to have everquest completely closed before you save the .wav in the audiotrigger folder or everquest won't recognize that you have placed new files in the folder.

2) RIGHT click the green.wav link and choose "save target as" ..

3) Save the .wav in your AudioTriggers folder. (everquest>audiotriggers)

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other 3 wav files.

5) Log onto everquest. You're now ready to make the new triggers, or replace (with the apply button) the old sounds for your old triggers.

6a) use the TRIGGER TEXT above as the audio triggers.
-For example:
6b)in the audio triggers window, in the pattern section, type the text: "Your blood is tainted with magical essence"
6c)in the audio triggers window, use the pull down menu to the right of where it says "sound" to select "green"
6d)press the "Create" button.

7) repeat step 6 for the other 3 audio triggers. Make sure to use the proper TRIGGER TEXT and the wav file for the color which corresponds to that text. Hope this helps.



The raid AE's will be taken care of by FD classes ideally.
So you may not need to make triggers for these AE's but here they are in case you do.
We still are not sure if the order in which the gems are clicked matters or not.

Raid AE's
(Assigned to specific people) 

AE name Gem Color TRIGGER TEXT
("Pattern" box in audio trigger window)
.WAV file stating color
Aura of Stone Red Blue Daosheen calls upon the elemental forces aura_of_stone.wav
Runes of Alliance Yellow Green shift as daosheen speaks runes.wav
Doom of the Firstborn red yellow blue green Your life begins to drain away deathtouch.wav


WAV files made with this site: